Joy Klassen and her family moved from Canada to Hilton about 2.5 yrs ago. June has just marked 2 years since Joy started her company called Continuum Hydrotherapy.

Joy Klassen was awarded her Honours degree after studying Human Kinetics for 4 years at the University of Western Ontario, Canada.  She then worked in Canada for 9 years for a Rehab company assisting clients with their physical rehabilitation after injury, surgery, or chronic condition onset. During this time she became a Certified Hydrotherapist, and has been absolutely amazed by the results. She is very excited to bring her expertise and experience to South Africa.

Who will benefit from Hydrotherapy?

Due to water’s protective, yet challenging environment, Hydrotherapy will benefit ALL those that seek to exercise in water.  Hydrotherapy will especially be beneficial to those with conditions related to:  arthritic conditions, cardiovascular conditions, neurological conditions and orthopaedic injuries. Joy also specializes in core strengthening for post pregnancy moms and people with back pain and weakness. 

What will Hydrotherapy offer you?

Joy will develop an appropriate, individualized exercise program for you in the water/pool utilizing the physical properties of the water. Buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, resistance and analgesia are all physical properties of the water that facilitate a protective environment for therapy to be conducted in, thus providing optimum results. Such devises as: webbed gloves, flex paddles and noodles will be incorporated as tolerated. Hydrotherapy will assist in restoring joint range of motion (ROM), increasing muscle and cardiovascular strength and endurance. Hydrotherapy also improves flexibility, mobility and posture. Hydrotherapy can also decrease pain, reduce edema/inflammation and help to reduce muscle spasms.

It’s something new, fun and exciting! And you don’t even have to know how to swim!!

Sessions are one on one, will be 45 min in length and be held right here in your lovely Garlington indoor, heated pool.

Joy is available in the mornings from Monday to Thursday.

Some interesting facts about exercise in water:

Did you know

  1. The resistance water offers is in effect a natural 3-dinmentional weight training machine. It’s instantly adjustable i.e. the harder you push/pull, the more resistance you encounter.
  2. Water offers an analgesic (pain relief) effect. Much like ice, it provides a counter irritant i.e. a surface stimulant to override pain in an injured area.
  3. When exercising in water, buoyancy is the acting force, not gravity like on land, thus concentric, not eccentric muscular contractions are used. Therefore weaker muscles are trained and strengthened.
  4. Water acts like a cushion for weight bearing joints, thus decreasing injury, strain and re-injury common to land exercises. Waters’ buoyancy has an un-loading effect on the body.
  5. When exercising in water your heart rate is 10-15 b.p.m. lower than on land given the same workload, your heart is therefore working more efficiently.

If you want to find out more or to book an appointment contact:  Joy Klassen

072 925 6881                       joyklassentherapy@gmail.com