Paint Colours


Garlington Home Owners
Date: 24 February 2017

Dear Home Owner


GARC has received a number of queries regarding exterior paint colours. In order to clarify the approved paint colours for each house type, the list has been simplified and is attached. Swatches of all the approved paint colours are on display in the HOA office.

To recap: On Tuesday, 2 June 2015, Martin Kruger, of Cape Town, visited Garlington. One of the issues dealt with by him, was the paint colours. The general feeling was that we must be cautious in introducing colours, particularly in the Village area of the estate, in order to preserve the unique visual quality of Garlington.

Darker tones of the approved colours may be used as accent colours for specific elements, subject to GARC’s prior approval. The darker colours which are allowed on the Type III and IV houses, can also be used on Type II houses as accent colours, with the prior approval of GARC.

Please note that the converse applies if a darker colour is used; then one of the shades of white must be used as an accent colour.

For the purpose of exterior paint colours, the following Type IIIC houses, which are situate on Erven 60, 61, 62 and 63 are classified as Type II houses.

The Type IIIA Houses, namely Erven 104 to 116 and Erf 64, which are situate on the Wedgewood Estate boundary, will also be classified as Type II houses for the purpose of exterior paint colours.

We encourage people to introduce colours on their front doors and we enclose a list of approved accent colours for doors.

Yours faithfully


Click Here for The “Approved Paint Colours” PDF

Click Here for The “Paint Colours – Accent” PDF