Solar Installation Application

Solar Installation Application

To Whom It May Concern


Prior to any solar installation commencing on any property within Garlington, an application is to be made to the Homeowners Association for approval and the relevant refundable deposit paid.
Should the proposed solar installation be of a complex nature or the proposal is for protruding panels, a submission to GARC may be required.

The GHOA has the following requirements for Solar installations:

  • The Solar Application Form is to be completed and returned to the office.
  • A diagram from your supplier indicating where the panels will be placed to be submitted to the office.
  • Prior to the commencement of the installation, the Owner is obliged to place a refundable deposit of: R5,000Payment must be made by electronic transfer into the following account:

    Bank: First National Bank
    Account Name: Garlington Homeowners’ Association
    Account No: 7462 963 5605
    Branch Code: 220 825
    Reference: Erf No ……….. Surname: ……………

    If the above reference is not quoted, we will be unable to correctly allocate your payment.
    Proof of payment must be emailed to both: and

  • All solar panels are to be mounted flush with the pitch of the roof against the North or North
    East facing roof slope.
  • No panel may protrude above any parapet wall.
  • No external tanks are permitted for solar heating systems.
  • The certificate of compliance must be provided by a qualified electrician on completion.