Garlington gym offers both residents and a limited number of external members the opportunity to exercise in an inspiring environment, with views out over the grazing land stretching all the way to Albert falls and Otto’s Bluff.

The gym is for everyone, whether your fitness goals are weight management, hitting the golf ball further, stress relief, or simply for the enjoyment of exercise itself, Garlington gym provides the solution.

The equipment selection has been designed to provide variety and to cater for the full range of gym users. From the casual, occasional gym user to the more serious user looking to improve sports performance.

The building was designed by Urban Solutions in Johannesburg. The exposed Deodar beams above the pool create a truly unique setting to clock up a few laps, and the open, airy gym space provides a relaxed alternative to cluttered, commercial gyms.

Julie Morris

Pilates Instructor and Physio

+27 79 897 4363

Ashleigh Robertson

Swimming Instructor

+27 71 602 2966

Kelly Stegen

Internationally qualified Sports Nutritionist

+27 79 494 0700