Village Zone

Continuing north, one enters the village zone where the architecture is based on the beautifully proportioned buildings of the Western Cape, with particular reference to some of the houses of Stellenbosch and Cape Town. Individual architects leave their influence, whilst the houses are tied by the common theme of the architectural code, allowing individuality, though creating unity. Here, properties vary in size from 450m² to 1200m² and are on lanes or squares which create extended gardens and social communal areas.

There is an emphasis on aesthetics, comfort and creating a sense of place. Attention is paid to the positioning of community areas while beautiful architecture and surroundings nourish the human spirit.

Streets are designed with an inter-connected street grid network. This ensures that walking is eased and that traffic disperses. There is a hierarchy of narrow streets, avenues and lanes. Public areas and pedestrian friendly streets make walking pleasurable.